You think going live on camera is just about being authentic?




Or you think; if I JUST show up and talk off the cuff, people will listen...


Nope, doesn't work that way.


You think in your mind; 

this isn't really that good or do i 


my audience...

All that means is, you'll NEVER get a chance to truly stand out.


Which means no one will stop the scroll and listen to you.


That you'll never share your message to grow your business to build a movement to actually STAND OUT.  


In a very noisy space - SOCIAL MEDIA. 


Did you know the number one thing that stops you from becoming a great speaker is fear and negative self-talk?

  • How to clear your camera mind blocks, so that you speak and get heard better than ever before!

  • How to stop sounding so dull, flat and boring, and start standing out like a rock star! 

  • How to easily create a home-set to Go Live, look and feel professional, with your own style even if you have zero space in your home! 

  • A step-by-step voice method that top celebrities use to sound their ultimate best and so will you! 

  • The absolute best ways to practice and rehearse so that you COME ALIVE ON CAMERA!




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I’m Lisa Monette. I’ve recruited, enrolled, sold, and earned millions of millions of dollars in my career.


And, I did it in a very unique way.


I knew I was doing something right when I was fortunate enough to be chosen to work on these dynamic teams.


I had the honor of being chosen to dance at a Tony Robbins event  on his stage in front of thousands.


And then did the firewalk as one of Tony's staff.


Imagine: training with the legendary Tony Robbins his voice coach, Roger Love.


Roger Love is one of the top celebrity voice coach’s in the world!


Travis Shields, superstar Brendon Bouchard's film director, asked me to share my experience as a camera confidence coach in his academy; Shoot Videos That Sell. His videos have hit over fifty-million views!


THAT really catapulted me to a higher level!!


When I show up in business, or in life, everything for me is about energy and making a difference to others.


That is what I do for you; fine tune and discover more of yours.


I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I’m a single woman with a beautiful grown daughter that I am so proud of.


My specialty zone;  Helping others be independent, be their own boss and call all the shots by using their voice on video.


That’s one of my passion statements as a serial entrepreneur.


I believe that we can help anyone who is willing to do the practice, learn our method, and rehearse as a pro.


Our clients think outside of limitations on how to succeed when they Go Live On Camera, or when they speak for any situation.


They hire me to find the GOLD!


You are very powerful , know what you want and you’re not willing to stop to get it.


I LOVE helping you bring out your voice, and giving you the techniques to get out of your own way, up level new strategies, all so that the world can see and hear YOUR message.


That your message and your light, fuels your personal and Financial fulfillment.


My style is unique, it’s fun and it’s fierce.


Join us for the event.....


It’s time to STAND OUT....EVEN MORE!


Xo Lisa




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          Lisa Monette

        Camera Confidence Expert